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8 Powerful Signs That You’re Ready to Live a Purpose Driven Life (And Realize Your Dreams)

Do you feel unhappy about the life you’re currently living?

Do you feel like you can contribute more?

Is your heart yearning to express your potential, but doubt stops you from truly taking action?

You’re not alone.

These are the beginning signs that you’re ready to live a purpose driven life. You’re ready to follow your passion and share your gifts.

But it isn’t always easy.

You’re not sure if you’re good enough.

You don’t know where to start.

And you’re scared out of your mind.

But don’t worry, because you’re on the right track. Here are 8 signs that you’re ready to start.

1. Discontent

You’re done with the old way of doing things. You’re ready to step it up.

You may have once loved your life, but something has changed. You’ve changed. You’re ready for something new.

You’re ready to live a purpose driven life.

You may not know what that looks like yet, but you’re ready. You can feel it deep down.

2. Determination

You’re so sick of being stuck that you’re determined to move forward.

I call this ruthless determination. It happened to me when I had been feeling called to do something bigger.

I waited for several years, because I doubted myself. One day, I woke up and I just started. I didn’t care about failing, because I was going to take action one way or another.

I wanted to see what would happen.

And I did make plenty of mistakes, but you know what? I learned and moved forward. Today, I get paid to do what I love.

3. Feeling

Deep down just reading these words feels right.

There may still be confusion. You may not know where to start, but it feels right in your heart.

You have the yearning to do something greater, to fulfill your potential, and to live a purpose driven life.

You are ready.

And just reading you are ready feels good, doesn’t it?

4. Expectations

You have the right expectations.

You know it’s not going to be easy to live a purpose driven life, but you’re ready anyway.

You’re done with leading a life of comfort and security, which are illusions anyway. You’re ready to take action and follow your passion.

You’re ready to listen to your heart.

When you have the right expectations, you will succeed.

You know it’s going to be tough, but that doesn’t matter, because you will keep going.

5. Fear

Yes, fear is another sign that you’re ready to follow your purpose.

You may never be fearless. Fear may always be with you, because you’re human. But that’s fine. Fear doesn’t have to stop you.

Fear is a sign that you’re exploring new territory. You’re diving into uncertainty, which is another word for possibility.

It’s a sign that you are on the right path.

If you aren’t a little bit uncomfortable, you are not pushing your boundaries enough.

6. Life Change

Your life is changing.

Friends are dropping away. You may lose your job. Change in your life is always pushing you to grow, so ask yourself what it is trying to tell you.

It may seem bad now, but it won’t be if you go with the flow.

We need change to keep evolving and to keep life interesting. Be grateful for it and do your best, because that’s all you can do.

Don’t cling to the old. Embrace the new, because you’re ready to do this.

7. Personal Change

You may also notice that you’re changing on the inside.

You’re noticing your habitual patterns and conditioning. Maybe you feel the urge to grow personally. You feel the urge to dive into spiritual books or material.

It feels like you’re ready to find the answer.

But beware of relying too much on outside information. Listen to your heart when you decide what information you should listen to.

You are changing. It will be scary, but it will also be exciting.

8. Action

Last, but not least, you feel the urge to take action.

Your doubts may be keeping you stuck, but something inside of you keeps nudging you to move forward.

Listen to that inner voice. Listen to your heart.

Let your mind go crazy. It’s the panic attack of the mind. The mind will always worry, but your heart is always there ready to guide you.

So right now, listen to your inner wisdom.

What is it telling you?

What do you need to do next, if anything?

You’re ready to take action, and deep down you know that.

You Are Ready to Live a Purpose Driven Life, Right Now

Finding your life purpose is not about going through countless books. It’s about following your excitement right here, right now.

You don’t know what the future holds.

All you can do is do the best you can in this present moment. So listen to your heart, because it is your internal GPS, and it will guide you.

Your life purpose is to be in this very moment, and to follow your excitement.

It doesn’t get simpler than that.

But are you ready to live a purpose driven life?

I think you are.

About the Author: Henri is the founder of Wake Up Cloud, where he helps people turn their passion into a thriving lifestyle business. When you feel ready to take action, grab his free special report (plus other goodies).

20 Responses to 8 Powerful Signs That You’re Ready to Live a Purpose Driven Life (And Realize Your Dreams)

  1. Excellent post! You are spot on with this.

    Growing discontent is the first sign that change is on the horizon. You might be able to subdue it for a little while, but fear can only keep it at bay for so long. Eventually, that nagging feeling that something just isn’t right with your life will become an overwhelming urge to get off your butt and do something about it.

    Action is the only thing can deliver results. Starting down the path of action will be scary, but if you back out you’re condemning yourself to a life of bitterness and regret. Accept that you will be treading uncertain territory . . . then get busy.

    Once you embrace the change on the inside, you can begin to make change on the outside.


  2. Absolutely. Well put, Trevor.

  3. Dan Erickson says:

    Good post.  I’m all about the action.

  4. Justin says:

    Great points Henri. We are at our best when we follow our joy and passion.

  5. Anthony Benting says:

    We are all here to serve a purpose, we know we should follow our dreams, and we all need a little help and guidance to pursue our lifes purpose, you are helping to give that encouragement

  6. Robyn Lloyd says:

    Great list.  I can check a few of those off my own list.   I love this quote, “Let your mind go crazy. It’s the panic attack of the mind. The mind will
    always worry, but your heart is always there ready to guide you.”  Beautiful.  I am just finishing up a book that has helped me figure some things out in my life.  The book is called, “Quest for the Lost Name” by author George Makris.  This a  novel that is a romantic adventure wrapped
    into a mystery in which the main character must go through personal
    growth and transformation.  It was amazing to see the transformation that took place.

  7. brian ramdhan says:

    i highly recommend that you read the book purpose driven life as well by Rick Warren….Excellent book

  8. brian ramdhan says:


  9. Bobby Galvan says:

    Fear is your friend.  The future is never truly certain.  Learn to accept that, and you’ll learn to embrace fear.

  10. Smith says:

    Its is a very interesting post. Most if us are still struggling to find the true meaning of our life but who have understood it have achieved something remarkable. I am still confused about my life and still exploring new prospects. Frankly I don’t think I will ever find it also and that makes it more interesting because if you know everything then where is the fun in that.

  11. JustChuckinIt says:

    Awesome tips on finding your drive. Recently reflecting on my fathers passing helped give me a complete motivation boost to start changing the way I live. 

    Once you start realizing the change and accepting it, the emotions become quite empowering. I used to struggle with visiting the cemetery, but the last few times I was fine with it and when leaving, I was filled with a sense of purpose.

    Thanks for the amazing words, and this directly inspired me to write a post about Death being my Travel inspiration.

  12. Amrita Mundal says:

    Excellent post !! Thanks Henri . You are  spot on with this.
    Thanks a lot. After reading this article I felt like I was writing late night diary about the storm going on inside my mind and heart. 
    Truly I feel so relieved reading this and knowing that I’m not the only one to feel this way.


  13. Bhagyashri_narwade says:


  14. Jorge Blanco says:

    This is a wonderful article, Henri. The only one who knows when you are ready to live a purposeful existence is you. No one else can tell you that you are. Perhaps others can sense that you could be ready, but only you can really tell. When you feel your guts telling you that you are ready, take that chance no matter how unsure you are. The uncertainty is part of it.

  15. Sarna says:

    I read this post more than ten times and I’m still reading it once or twice a day! it seems that it’s been written just for me for where I am in life now.
    thank you so much!

  16. Thank you for reading, Sarna. Keep rocking :)

  17. Rich says:

    Wow! excellent information.  I think that beliefs, or self concept deserves a mention here.  How we see ourselves, is often the driver behind who we we can be.  You have to believe you can be something before you become it.    Also recommend checking out this short video.

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