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7 Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Gym Workouts

When you are going to the gym on a regular basis, it can be hard to be able to motivate yourself when it comes to doing certain exercises to the intensity that is needed to really feel the strain in your muscles.

Here is a list of 7 ways that you can use to motive yourself to be able to get the best out of your time in the gym:

1.    Alter your standard workout routines

When you first start a new workout programme, you will find that you have no problems with motivation, as the exercises are relatively new to you but as you cycle through the same exercises on a regular basis, you will find that your effort reduces due to complacency.

Even a subtle alteration to the way in which you complete your training routine will help to increase your motivational levels as you brain is having to break out of the regular cycle and concentrate on the exercise on hand.

Obviously to get the greatest change in your motivational levels you need to be looking to create an exercise programme routine that is a minimum of 90% unique from your previous plan.

2.    Get your camera out

Finding the motivation to push yourself to the limit each and every time that you step into the gym can be an incredible task because let’s face it, there are days where you will feel like you just don’t want to workout at all, let alone push your body to the limit.

It is a well known fact that often words mean very little when it comes to being able to find your motivation and so with this tip, you are stimulating your body and mind through visual presentation.

Taking pictures on a regular basis will not only help you to see the progress that you are making but will also help you to distinguish which areas of your body you need to work to be able to reach your goals.

3.    Pump up the volume

A case study conducted on gym users has shown that a higher percentage of those tested were able to push their bodies further than those who were not listening to some sort of music while they worked out.

This means that simply adding an iPod or other MP3 player into the sessions where you are working out alone will not only help you to push your body further but will also prevent you from being distracted easily by other gym users.

Finding songs that are upbeat and contain a high tempo beat have been proven to stimulate the brain and body for extensive exercise rather than slower songs that proved to have the adverse effect on the listener.

4.    Train with a partner

There will be times where you feel that you simply can’t push your body any further than you are already doing but from personal experience and that of others that I have spoken to, training with a partner can offer you that additional boost that you need.

Training alone can sometimes leave you feeling limited in relation to the weights that you are able to work with due to the fear of getting into a situation where you can’t complete the rep set midway through your count.

Training with another person means that they are able to not only give you confidence boosting words of support but can also help you out in those times that you feel you can’t squeeze anymore out of the set that you are struggling with.

Team up and you offer the same to your chosen partner and I guarantee that you will be pushing more weight that any time that you do while working out alone.

5.    Keep your enemies close and challenge them

The human male instinct of competition is a great way to be able to push yourself through the barriers of lack of motivation and pain and coupled with the opportunity to be able to put one over on someone that you can’t stand will ensure that you are working as hard as you physically can.

Although many of those reading this will not like the thought of placing a wager against someone when it comes to working out, the fear that you could be soon to lose money to someone that you can’t stand will definitely spur you on to hit the gym as often as you can and will push your limits that little bit further.

The key to using this tip is to always make sure that your challenge is something measurable otherwise you will hit a stalemate when it comes to who wins the competition, something like lowering your BMI would be a great example of what you could look to use as a target.

6.    Avoid the journey home before the gym

Getting into the workout mood can be hard as the day progresses and so when you are thinking about going to the gym after a hard day’s work you should look to avoid heading home beforehand.

This is simply avoided by packing your gym bag the night before and heading straight to the gym from there, going home will only make things harder when it comes to getting motivated as many gym users admit that once they get through their front door, they often reconsider going to workout.

7.    Hire a personal trainer once a month

Sometimes it can be hard to be able to follow a regular pattern when it comes to working out at the gym as your body slowly becomes used to the warm ups and exercises that you may use when you go to the gym.

Hiring a personal trainer will give you a different style of workout, giving you a new routine that your brain and body will have to quickly adapt to, shocking it into a concentrated state of action.

Personal trainers can range in experience and ability so be sure to check out their credentials before hiring anyone and make sure that they are really going to put you through your paces.

Author Bio

Jordan is a personal trainer from Leeds, United Kingdom who runs and currently writes for a Fitness Blog (link to ). The blog writes articles in a similar style to this about topics such as how to build muscle and how to lose weight.


  • Wow this is a really nice post , thanks !

  • Thanks for the kind comment!

    I checked out your site too, you have some great articles over there, give me a shout if you ever want one more written by yours truly 😉


  • that post came right in time, i was searching for ways to perform better in the gym!!
    thanks for the post my friend :)

  • Hi Jordan,

    This is a great article after my own heart since I go to the gym regularly.

    It is clear from your 7 ways that you know your way around the gym. Here are the ways that stand out for me.

    1. Alter your standard workout routines

    I have had periods where my workouts stagnated because my body grew used to them. So it really helped when I switched the order of my workouts or included new types of workouts. It forced me to be alert and aware of the moment as I carried out my sets.

    4. Train with a partner

    Training with a partner is cool. It allows you to carry heavier weights and do that extra few reps without fear of being unable to manage. It is also good to have support when the going gets tough and the friendly competition to outdo each other.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article! :)

    Irving the Vizier

  • Thanks for the Grat article!

    I liked the point of training with a friend, so they can challenge eachother

  • I would highly recommend taking pictures of yourself so that you can visually see the progress that you have made. This will motivate you to work harder and longer in the future.

  • Thanks for the kind words and Justin you are spot on… taking photos is a great way to stay motivated

    I use to do them weekly which I’d probably say is too frequent as the changes won’t be hugely noticeable but I’d urge you guys to try take photos every few weeks


  • I’ve found that working out with a partner is extremely helpful. Unfortunately, there is one disadvantage. If you choose a partner who isn’t motivated and committed, it may bring you down. In the past, I became so accustomed to working out with a partner that I felt odd working out alone on days when she didn’t show up. Eventually, she gave up the workout completely and so do I. Since then, I decided to restart my work but I do it alone. The camera tip you mentioned is great motivation!

  • I love the idea of taking pictures of yourself. Seeing the results of your efforts is a great way to stay motivated! And so is noticing those areas that still need work. I stopped going to the gym a while back since I started exercising outdoors. I started doing it every single day, and I haven’t missed a day in over a year. Now I feel like I can’t miss a day or I’ll break my perfect record. :-)

  • Having a gym buddy really helps with your work out. You can challenge and motivate each other to do more reps and to develop those guns. It makes gym experience a whole lot of fun. I also like the idea of taking pictures to monitor your progress and to identify the areas you need to work on. Nice post!

  • Jordan, this is really an excellent and helpful post! I also go to the gym regularly and I do find most of your tips helpful here. I particularly liked #s 5. I know that most people would prefer going into a non-crowded gym, where you get to work out with only 3 or 5 people only. I used to desire this also. Who of course would want a crowded one?

    However I realized that there is a hidden benefit of working out in a crowded gym, with a bunch of strangers that is. Although this produces competition as you have to compete in taking turns with every equipment available, but the presence of people around also encourages you to challenge them and give your best, hence increasing your productivity in your gym workouts.

  • Just want to add my personal little piece.

    Leave the phone in the locker! I see far too many people dilly-dallying around with their phone in the gym. Which is a bit irritating for others two. You want your gym time to be all about the gym. All about expressing your body physically. Get in, Get out.

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