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7 Ways To Improve Your Life Right Now

Most people are disappointed for what they have achieved in life within a year. Actually, you can start changing your life for the better this year! It is not really difficult to make and begin the changing. What you just need is to have a plan, execute it, and keep reviewing it to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals.

Here are 7 tips that should help to improve your life:

1.     Start at home by sorting out what you want, and don’t want, in your closet, kitchen, refrigerator, garage and garden.

Tidy your home! Go to your closet. Take out the old clothed that you never wear in years. Keep what you really want and need to wear in this year or so, and give the rest to charity. Then go to your living room, windows and kitchen. Start cleaning the floor, vacuum the carpet, clean the window glass or mirror with using glass cleaner. Wash the dishes, mugs and clean your stove, oven and microwave.  Finally, take out all the garbage in to the trash can. Do all these a little every day rather than once a month. Afterward, you will have a much nicer home with clean and much more space every day. Plus you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the needy.

Go to your fridge! Do you have a lot of old, out-of-date stuff in there? Just take them out. Make sure it is only fresh and healthy food you put inside.

Make up your garage! Bin the rubbish, and store the ladder, tools, or whatever, neatly. Start placing those in its place and in order. You may suddenly find you even have room for the car!

Tidy your garden! If you are lucky enough to have a garden, make it nice and regularly maintain it. You will enjoy it much more, and it will help keep you fit as well!

By doing these things, you will even find that it helps you to have a clear, fresh – and tidier! – Mind. It is a great way to start your new life.

2.     Create Your Plan

What is the purpose of your plan? What are your goals for the year? You have to decide what you want to accomplish in the short term, midterm, as well as the long term (over a year). Write it down. This should include your financial targets as well.  Make sure you have the income, and the security of income, you need.

3.     Look after Yourself

It is true we cannot do things right if our health is not in good condition. So enjoy regular walks, or perhaps even challenge yourself go jogging a few times a week. (Take medical advice as appropriate) Of course, you could maybe play sports that you like. Good exercise can be great fun!

Eat and drink healthy food.  Vegetables, especially organic vegetables, fruits, whole meal bread, fish, non-fat meat, etc. Drink more mineral water daily.

Avoid drinking too much beer or alcohol as this impairs your mind. A good diet will give you a better life, and often a longer one.

Remember, little changes can make a great change!

4.      Read more nonfiction than fiction books.

Read good articles which suit your needs. I recommend you read the stories of successful people, as that will motivate you to do as they have.  Make notes on what you have read, as that will help you absorb and understand it better. A great mind is an inquisitive mind.

5.     Appreciate yourself for what you have done and accomplished.

Give yourself little rewards as you achieve your goals. This will make you feel much more confident that your plan is working. You will feel a better person. Indeed, you will be a better person!

Of course, inevitably, sometimes your plan may not work as you hoped. Don’t fret! You can simply revise the plan and get back on track. It just needs a little work and positive thinking to carry on.

Don’t work all the time! You need to entertain yourself by, say, going to the movies, hanging out with colleagues or friends, going to the places that make you happy every week end, and so on. This will make your mind fresh again and ready to execute the plan in the following week.

6.     Get enough sleep.

Your body is working the whole day. It needs a rest and sleep. You need to have a quality of sleep. Set the time to go to bed and to wake up. Follow this rhyme every day and stay discipline. This will regenerate your mind, passion, and ideas clearer.

7.    Do meditation

Meditation is helping your ideas and plan not only goes to your mind but also goes to your heart and loving it.

Does this meditation 15 minutes before you go to bed. Imagine what you have achieved today, how much you appreciate your work for a day and what you are going to do tomorrow. All the burden, resistant and fear for what you are going to do next will be diminished. Instead, you will have a big burning desire to move forward in the following day.

Therefore, follow 7 tips above and you will change and improve your life to be better with a good habit this year.

My name is Ramunsyah and I am a Financial Planner for an insurance company in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am working hard because I care that people have a good plan – for assurance, and for life!


Ramunsyah is the author of  How to Make This Year The Year. You may get a free copy of  at:



19 Responses to 7 Ways To Improve Your Life Right Now

  1. I truly enjoy these quick tips…good advice.

  2. Luna says:

    This is a good idea to remind people that goals are worthy of making.  However, I don’t think that the new year is the most ideal  time to make changes … right now is!  Setting goals for the year is all fine and good, but it becomes overly daunting, and you lose self respect once you can’t keep up with the magnitude of them and fail.  That’s why each present moment is so precious.   

  3. Clearing out the clutter will definitely help unclutter the mind as well. When I moved into my little barnhouse, I dumped decades-worth of old keepsakes and junk that I’d been dragging with me from one place to the next.

    The freedom that comes from having so little junk is incredible. Clutter is a burden that weighs on us constantly, though we don’t recognize it until it has been lifted.


  4. I couldn’t agree more Luna. New Year’s resolutions are most often made with a drunken toast and then promptly forgotten, or pursued only half-heartedly for a short time thereafter.

    The best time to change will always be right now. One small change at a time will compound into huge change over the long term.


  5. I like the sixth step the most, without sleep, we will not get very far. My learning curve has a potential there.

  6. We are two very alike people Ramunsyah. I love that you brought up number one because in some ways I am a huge fan on minimalism. Everything about my room is clean and devoid of needless clutter, especially the closet in which I’ve purged things I don’t touch. My personal spaces are all sacred to me and I love it being just free of distraction. 

    As for point four, finally someone who agrees with me! I’m not a huge fan of fiction, I don’t hate it, but I MUCH prefer non-fiction. I love books that offer practicality and can connect with me through other people’s own experiences. I don’t get that same feeling from fiction and I am often criticized for it. In fact, I have four fiction classics next to my bed which I haven’t touched. I couldn’t get through more than a few chapters. However, my non-fictions are well handled in terms of reading them. 

  7. Ben Ross says:

    Thankyou for the ideas,
                                             I do several of those and find them valuable. Showing gratitude and meditation have been the big ones.

    One interesting thing i’ve noticed with the first one is that when I clear out mental clutter I automatically want my surroundings to be cleaner and clean them up a bit more. I used to be really messy and still am a bit, but I have massively improved without even trying just from cleaning clutter internally.


  8. andrew says:

    Interesting post.i love the #7 Do meditation.I agree with you these all steps are vary important and meditation will gives more peace and happy.

  9. Sam Matla says:

    Great tips! I’m a bit skeptical about no. 4 though, I personally aim to balance my reading. 50% non-fiction and 50% fiction, why? For me, fiction helps me to be creative, it gives me ideas. The non-fiction books I read are about successful people, psychology and personal development. The two together create a deadly formula for success (well I hope!)


  10. Ramunsyah1 says:

     Yes Luna, absolutely I agree with you.  We need to have a table to compare between the plan and actual action.

  11. Ramunsyah1 says:

     Hi Trevor, yes I agree. We can just set the goal at anytime. It does not have to be at the beginning of the year. Actaully, most people like to make their new resolution fro the new year.

  12. Dan Black says:

    I have found my personal growth allows me to be moving toward my potential and a better life. Which fits well with point number 4. Growth and learning can help anyone become better and live a fulfilled life. Great post and thoughts. 

  13. Ibti001 says:

    really good.. just like fast food, enjoyed it and made a lot of sense.

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  15. Jesse Ford says:

    Great article. I have to remind myself to do number 6 and 7. I realize though that when I get enough sleep I am more creative and energized. If I could add an 8th and 9th way to improve your life right now it would be to start making positive affirmations and to develop self-confidence. 

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  18. laxman says:

    it is nice

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