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7 Simple Steps To Boost Your Energy Levels

Do you feel like you’re low on gas, energy wise?You know the feeling where everything seems to be a drag. Even getting up from the couch is a big feat.And It’s not that you’re lazy. I mean, you want to do stuff, but the drive just isn’t there.To get you through these bad times, here are the 7 tips I found to be the most helpful when you want to boost your energy levels.

1. Exercise Every Day

Nothing gets your energy levels up, like some good old exercising.

With exercise we raise our heart rate and our breaths gain in depth.

This means that our body can yield more power due to the boosted food and oxygen flow to the cells.

Do what you love the most.

But plus points go for activities that get you out on fresh air – walk your dog, take a stroll in the park, jog, etc.

2. Fix Your Diet

You are what you eat.

Stuff your mouth with junk food and your energy levels are going to take a hit.

If whole foods make the most part of your diet, then your energy levels will go through the roof.

Vitamins, minerals, good fats, etc … they’re all inside foods that weren’t put through a bunch of industrial processes.

That’s why you should always strive to eat foods that are as close to their raw form as possible.

So next time you’re at the supermarket, pick raw chicken breasts over chicken salami.

Right foods will do a world of good for your health and your energy levels.

3. Try Fasting

Our bodies have two modes of being.

Fed or fasted.

When you’re fasted, your sympathetic nervous system comes to the fore.

This means that your fight-or-flight hormones go up, which makes you more awake, sharp and just plain more focused.

There are a lot of ways to fast.

My go-to way of fasting is to just skip breakfast. I eat my first meal at noon where I eat big to make up for the missed breakfast.

Give fasting a go and watch your energy levels spike.

4. Drink Coffee (Preferably on an Empty Stomach)

Coffee is black gold.

Next time you need a shot in the arm, drink a cup of coffee.

Caffeine is a stimulant which boosts:

  • your body coordination
  • the flow of your thoughts
  • mental focus

This tip goes hand in hand with fasting.

When you drink coffee on an empty stomach, it’s effects are even more awesome.

5. Drink More Water

It’s a fact.

Most of us don’t drink enough water during the day.

It’s a bad habit. Especially when you think that our bodies are for the most part made out of water.

If you feel tired and down, it may just be that you’re dehydrated.

How do you stay hydrated?

First of all, drink as much water as you can as soon as you wake up. This will bring your water levels back to normal levels.

Second, all through the day, drink water so you don’t feel the thirst.

6. Work on Your Sleep

Don’t mess with your sleep.

While we still don’t get the true role of sleep, you can be sure that we need sleep to recharge.

If you’re low on sleep, your body won’t be able to get back on track from a hard day’s work. This will in turn cause your energy levels to take a dive.

Each night, do your best to get a sound sleep.

Get rid of all distractions (mind, eyes and ears) and do your best to hit the hay before 11pm.

7. Focus on One Thing at a Time (Harness the Power of Momentum)

Multitasking is an energy sink and you should avoid it at all costs.

You need to play it smart and hone in your focus on just one thing at a time.

Be on a roll.

Keep on finishing the tasks you’ve set out to do (one by one) and watch your energy levels soar through the roof.

That’s the power of momentum.

And This is Just The Start

These 7 tips are just the start.

Pick and choose the tips you like the most. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, I’d suggest that you focus on your sleep.

In my case quality sleep boosted my energy levels 10 fold.

Do you know of any other good tips tips to boost your energy levels?

In case you do, let us know in the comments section below.


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31 Responses to 7 Simple Steps To Boost Your Energy Levels

  1. I’ll concur with your point about fasting. I’m a big believer in intermittent fasting — it’s done wonders for me ,whether I’m just trying to lose weight or trying to gain muscle while limiting fat gain.

    And it’s true — while fasting your energy levels go sky high. Ketogenic diets will increase your energy as well. I tend to combine the two when I’m looking to drop serious weight seriously quickly, but that’s not a tactic I would reccomend for most.

    But intermittent fasting is definitely worth a shot for those looking to lose weight and/or boost energy levels.


  2. Rotem Cohen says:

    I wonder if you’re being provocative on purpose. Starting the day with coffee and fasting until noon, really? This may be a good idea on the rare occasions when you have to get a quick boost, kind of like taking a stimulating drug. As a long term habit, I’m not a health expert per say, but I’m pretty sure it’s a terrible idea. Anyone can back me up on this?

  3. Azpalaciosb says:

    I agree with you skipping meals+ black coffee could bring you energy once in a while but doing it on regular basis makes your metabolism go crazy and to eat too much food at the end of the day (but I’m latinamerican so maybe my meals schedule it’s different). I keep for my self excercise+water+sleep+focus.

  4. Danny1966 says:

    I agree with you. In fact, breakfast is possibly the most important meal of the day. It just gives you energy. Ever tried working and concentrating on an empty stomach? Fasting once in a while can be good, but when you have healthy and regular eating habits, not very necessary. The other 6 steps are undisputed…

  5. Dan Erickson says:

    I do my best to follow this list.  Sleep is my biggest issue.  

  6. Thanks for the energy reminder.  It seems like the winter is when energy starts to wane.  I think the key is to get up and move that will make you thirsty for water and induce sleep.  

  7. Dejan Antic says:

    Hey Trevor!

    Yeah fasting + ketogenic diet will melt body fat like crazy. But I don’t think that the ketogenic diet is suitable for most people since it’s really restrictive when it comes to food choices (don’t want to feel deprived on any diet).

    And I like fasting more and more because it really makes me more focused and boosts the flow of my thoughts by leaps and bounds. Good thing when trying to write something.



  8. Dejan Antic says:

    Hey Rotem, thanks for the input.

    I’m not trying to be provocative. There are countles of people (case studies … can also give you the links) that have used intermittent fasting to get into the best shape of their lives. Most of the people who fast are also avid coffe/tea drinkers because they enjoy the added mental boost that coffe/tea gives them.

    And it’s not just anecdotal adivce. A lot of reasearch was done on fasting and it was shown that fasting helps you (amongst other things) improve your insulin and leptin sensitivity, boosts your testosterone levels, better autophagy, etc.

    If you want to find out more about fasting I strongly suggest you check out LeanGains.com (Martin Berkhan) and Eat Stop Eat (Brad Pilon).

    Now if you think that fasting and drinking coffe is a terrible idea it would be fair from your part to elaborate your points a bit further.



  9. Dejan Antic says:

    The belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is a myth. From our body’s perspective it has the same value as lunch or dinner.

    I work and concentrate on an empty stomach every day, with absolutely no problem. In fact, I’m most productive and concentrated while fasted and after having a cup of coffee.

    Be open minded and give fasting a go. You’ll be pleasently surprised.

  10. Dejan Antic says:

    Sleep is my biggest issue too. That’s why I decided (NY resolution) that in 2013 I’m going to work hard to get as much sound sleep as possible.

  11. Dejan Antic says:

    Hey Sheila, you’re welcome.

    Yeah especially during winter time we must take special care of ourselves since it’s easy to become lazy :)

    Move a lot, have fun!

  12. Dejan Antic says:

    Care to explain how exactly fasintg will make your “metabolism go crazy”?

    Sounds like broscience to me :)

    I’m definitely not saying that fasting is the only way to eat. Do what you think best suits your health (at the end that’s all that matters), but to say intermittent fasting is a terrible idea is just plain nonsense.

  13. AaronMorton says:

    Hi Rotem, not eating until noon is a form of intermittent fasting that is typically 8hrs off – 16hrs on (the fast), other methods can include 2  24hr fasts over a 7 day period. The benefit of it will depend on what is being eaten around it. A lot of people I have spoken to do this method without thinking about it because they are not used to having breakfast so they wake up, go to work and don’t eat till 11-12 o’clock. The problem occurs when they have a carb/sugar feast after. This is different to a proper intermittent fast program that is complimented with a good food regime.

    research has shown an elevation of energy does occur on a fasted stomach, but if someone is not used to fasting the sensation does take some getting used to. 

    I have had experiences of people saying they felt light headed when drinking coffee whilst fasting so I would advise someone to test that and see the effect on themselves. However to discount coffee would be a shame.

    Kind regards
    Aaron Morton

  14. AaronMorton says:

    Danny1966 I would argue that enough research has been done on fasting now to show that it is worth including in what you do on a regular basis. 

  15. AaronMorton says:

    Good luck with the sleep in 2013 Dejan. There are many things that contribute to a good sleep and creating a ritual of getting you into sleep mode will make it easier.
    Good article, enjoyed it.
    Aaron Morton

  16. Dejan Antic says:

    Glad you liked it Aaron :)

  17. Hi Rotem, unless you’ve tried it you really can’t speak to the matter. I start my day with black coffee and fast until dinner (currently anyway, I change my eating pattern often). It works wonders.


  18. I hear you Dan. Sleep is a toughie. I sleep great in my quiet little barnhouse, but I don’t sleep enough. These days I’m waking at 4am just to have enough time to get some stuff done and get in a good workout. I’m sure I’ll pay for it later.


  19. Dan Erickson says:

    I wake up between 4 & 5 no matter what time I go to sleep.  I get things done, but sometimes it runs me down.  

  20. Azpalaciosb says:

     It’s just that in the article  you don’t give any advice of how to do this ”intermittent fasting” without damaging your health  and don’t give us cientific and reliable  resources of how to do it. So the way that you presented this can be misleading for some of us and can make any metabolism go crazy, it’s not broscience that fasting can cause  fatigue, dizziness, constipation, dehydration, gallstones, and cold intolerance.. But like you say we are free to take whatever we think suits our health

  21. Danny1966 says:

    @Dejan @Aaron Thank you for your reactions. I am not saying that fasting has no value, but for me it doesn’t work very well. I get distracted by my empty stomach and the slight presence of feeling hungry. Maybe I’ll have to give it a try, but I think the benefits of fasting doesn’t work for everybody. I’ll stick to a
    hot black coffee…

  22. AaronMorton says:

    Danny1966 you are absolutely right and you have done something people rarely do and that is to test something out and see if it has value for you. 

  23. Flitmeg says:

    Fasting is okay, missing regular breakfasts are not. Breakfast sets you up for the day, especially if you are suffering adrenal fatigue – eating regularly maintains cortisol levels. And watch the coffee – its good if you are in good health, too much can actually lead to adrenal fatigue and exhaustion.  If you are using it too often, its time to reassess. Don’t cut out completely just limit to two or three a day and be sure to drink ginseng tea throughout the day. Ginseng is a natural adaptogen and helps the body adapt to stress.

  24. Rotem Cohen says:

    Actually I know only little about fasting, so I’ve got some reading to do (thanks for the link). When it comes to coffee, well firstly – I love coffee. I drink two cups of strong black coffee daily. With that said, as far as I know, I’d be better off by getting rid of this habit. Check this out => (http://flatulencecures.com/coffee-digestion), especially the 1st paragraph in “Increases Acidity” .

    With all that said, this morning I tried it. I had my (large) glass of water, then a cup of coffee with one cookie (a must). I felt pretty good, but I got hungry at around 10am (yes, I know it’s a matter of habit) and had a brunch :). Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

  25. Julia says:

    Do not agree with the fasting and drinking coffee. Maybe a detox is a better idea such as a cleanse. That is done for a couple of days or so but to fast constantly is a terrible habit and it does not work for everyone.http://www.totalcleanse.ca/ is a perfect example of how you can clean out but still get the right amount of vitamins, calories and minerals. But  depriving your body will not be beneficial in the long run. And the coffee, thats different for everyone. I only like the taste of coffee but could not function just on a cup on a empty stomach. It actually gets me really anxious and weird. Id rather have a glass of mineral water with lemon and that gives me way more energy than any coffee. But like you said these are just suggestion tips. Everyone is different that’s why people should try out all the options and see what works for them best :)

  26. My wife and I are currently doing a 30 day Juicing fast. It has not only helped me detoxify my body, but I am experiencing clarity and for some reason feel very motivated. I am thinking this could be a result of every day choosing juicing over eating a meal which gives me satisfaction of sticking to something? Have you ever experienced that?

  27. Jesus says:

    I would definitely back you up there. It is actually much more energizer to ate an apple than to drink a cup of coffee. In my country it is quite regular to only have coffee in the morning and not get any food until 10:30 or 11:00. It has been long said by nutritionists and doctors that is an horrendous habit. After being 12 hours fasting in your sleep (Normally you would have diner at 7pm), breakfast (think of the etymology of the word break – fast) it should be one of the most important meals of the day.  

  28. Vipin says:

     I agreed with your points  Dejan, seems apart from fasting every point works for me too. Appreciate  for posting such helpful points .

  29. Jorge Blanco says:

    I can’t say I totally agree with fasting, especially skipping breakfast since I just can’t go on without eating anything before I work. I think it’s the most important meal of the day. You can perhaps eat less during dinner, but never ever skip breakfast or any meal for that matter. 

  30. farzane says:

    thanks for the nice article…
    according to what I have learned, breakfast is really important in obtaining better mental performance, but of course it depends on what u eat as breakfast. skipping dinner is more beneficial i suppose.

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