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6 Productivity Tips That Are like Treadmills for the Mind

The brain determines consciousness, and a long list of attributes which affect one’s quality of life. Without exception, everything starts with the brain; it is central for everything that we do. Productivity; starts with the mind, the brain must be nurtured with, stimulation, positive affirmations and active challenges.

The Human Brain – A Remarkable Organic Computer

Volumes of data exist around the subject physical fitness and well-being. Fitness is conducive with mental ability and brain efficiency; both are relative to productivity. The brain is a complex organic muscle which needs constant stimulation to preserve the minds peak performance. Knowledge about the mysteries of the human brain continues to grow, it is immensely complex and still largely not understood, it is the most complex phenomena in the known universe. Whether consciousness is uniquely human, is still hotly debated, it is still, for the most part not understood.

Many of the degenerative diseases associated with old age, loss of memory, degeneration of motor skills might also be attributed to inadequate mental stimulation. The power of the mind and its remarkable ability to adapt to change continues from young to old age. In the name of good health, and to be truly productive, we need to be aware that the human brain needs a steady stream of mental challenges.

Exercises That Promote Thinking

Methods to help keep the mind working involves thinking, there are many ways to stimulate the mind, problem solving, memory tests, quizzes, or any task that requires one to think is useful. It is key to choose activities that are enjoyable and one is willing to repeat. This helps with the motivation.

Some physical methods that one can use are reversing the job of your left and right hands. By using the left hand when one would normally use your right effectively trains your mind a new skill. This is a highly effective way engaging your mind when doing a task that one usually takes for granted. Start off by using easier tasks to do with your left hand (assuming you are right-handed) as an example cleaning your teeth is easier than attempting to write with your left hand.

Reversing tasks typically performed with the right hand with the left will make one feel quite awkward. This is normal; the brain will develop new neural connections, nerves and muscles to perform the task. This happens in the same way that children learn brand new skills. With practice, it becomes ingrained in the brain and requires no additional conscious thought. At first this may seem frustrating, but remember, stick with it.

Developing new physical skills in this way actively stimulates the brain and improves overall coordination and motor skills. At the beginning, as it is with physical exercise, with time it becomes a little easier.

Reading – Mind Massage

Reading is a pastime enjoyed by millions of people already; regardless whether one reads for pure enjoyment or academic reasons, reading is a particularly good stimulation for the mind. Whether one is a dedicated reader who follows their passion on various book forums or occasional reader, there is a myriad of various genes for any age. Motivational self help audio books are ideal for building a positive state of mind and ideal for those times when exercising or commuting. When employing the term “reading” in the context of keeping the mind and brain functional, this is an activity that extends further than just to books.

Suitable Material

Anything from crossword puzzles, learning a foreign language, quizzes, for any other thought-provoking material is suitable. Conversely, other activities like watching television, movies and videos etc. Enjoyable as they might be, they do not challenge the mind anywhere near as well as reading books, indeed if at all.

Push-Ups for the Brain

It helps to think of the human brain like a muscle, it needs to be used an exercised regularly. When the brain stays in “neutral” by not using it, then just as any other muscle that is not used, it will become weak and progressively deteriorate. That old cliché of ” if you do not use it, you will lose it,” is true!

Physical Exercise – Brain Booster

Walking, swimming or any other activity that promotes increasing ones heart rate, is a prerequisite for maintaining proper physical condition. Research leaves little doubt that by continually challenging ones brain by providing stimulus in the form of “thought provoking tasks”, or “new motor skills” achieved by learning, helps to counter brain damaging diseases.

A push button world promotes less physical effort and is at least partially responsible for issues pertaining to mental and physical health within society. The human body is a product of evolution; one’s ancestors’ needed to walk, run, and decent eyesight to survive. The human body cannot be switched on and off like a machine, nor does it cope particularly well with being physically or mentally inactive.

Modern day life style with all its work-saving devices and less physical exertion. We must make compensating adjustments ensuring we receive enough exercise. To be creative and mentally fit, we need to maintain a regime of exercises not only for the body but the brain. Keeping one’ mind active coupled with healthy eating and regular exercise, will promote a happier and fuller lifestyle enhancing one’s ability to be more productive.

Peter Markovic is a freelance writer and the publisher of He is an avid reader with strong interests in the area of good health and the power of the human mind.

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11 Responses to 6 Productivity Tips That Are like Treadmills for the Mind

  1. It is so true, but often forgotten. We have to train our brain in the same way as our body to stay in shape. It is like a muscle to be trained. Our organic computer is so powerful. We can use it, improve it with upgrades and new programs and maintain it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Blulrich says:

    There is one thing I don’t agree with; watching TV or movies can stimulate the brain. But of course, that really depends on what you watch. I think that, if reading a book is like swimming for 1 hour everyday, watching good TV is like a little walk around the block. If you do it right, it helps you. Is hard watching Mad Men or Fringe, or even Doctor Who, without thinking. Nothing wrong with watching Glee too, but is not the same.
    For exemple; both Mad Men and Fringe, they make you think. If you’re not paying attention, you’re gonna miss everything. Doctor Who, the plots are getting very hard to follow, you have to keep up with so many paradoxes… not to mention the theories your brain keeps creating. Oh, and kind of makes you want a TARDIS 😛
    Now Glee, yes, is amusing, but it lack so much that you could easily do something else and lose nothing. But even in this situation, it’s some help. It can help you improve your creativity. And TV shws are a great excuse to take a break.
    Okay, this comment is a bit of a monster, but I’m just trying to make my point.

  3. Kyle Beck says:

    I don’t know if it’s my ego or me stimulating my brain, but after reading extensively over a period of time I feel smarter. And the opposite happens when I’ve been watching let’s say a marathon of House on TV. I use to do crossword puzzles but gave up on them because of time constraints. This article has reignited my interest. Thanks!

  4. Guru Eduardo says:

    I’m a little surprised you didn’t mention meditation or rest?

    A tired or over excited brain doesn’t funtion very well.

    Thanks for an excellent article and especially for terms like: mind massage and push-ups for brains. I like that a lot.

  5. Consciousness can’t fully utilize the human body when it becomes sick or diseased. Just as a broken computer cannot access the web, a broken body cannot be fully conscious.

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  7. Bob says:

    I think nutrition is a huge part of your ability to concentrate and learn things well. It goes hand-in-hand with physical activity as a way to help maintain your thinking muscles. I know I always feel better after eating a nice wholesome meal, and I’m always more tired after eating something that came out of a box.

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  9. Japple says:

    Good succinct article here. I started brushing with my left (non-dominant) hand many months back and it was terribly exhausting at first but now I can switch back and forth and feel more efficient overall. Other non-dominant hand tasks to try are switching your fork and knife and switching hands when washing dishes (one hand probably always holds the brush). Eventually I’d like to teach myself to write with my left hand, but that one will require much more concerted effort.

  10. Thank you to everyone for all your comments. I think the important point I would like to promote, is the importance of finding tasks that make one think hard.

    Learning a new language is a very good one, there any ways to challenge ones brain.

    In the broad scheme of good health, many good points are made by the good folks that have commented above and I believe all are worthy of inclusion in any good health plan.

    I think it is a key to realize, that to make the best choices for one’s self, albeit about health and life choices, it all starts with a healthy brain.

  11. You reminded me of a movie I saw starring Danny Keye…He was writing there with his two hands simultaneously (I can’t remember the name of the Title).

    He must have been a productivity master :)

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