5 Ways To Switch on Confidence

Fortunately, confidence is an art that can be learned with consistent practice. We can turn on the confident personality button anytime we want. There are quick and instant ways to just do that. You don’t need to suffer with low self-esteem all your life because of some negative beliefs you ingrained within.

The experiences you went through cannot be undone but what future you have to unfold is entirely in your hands. Confidence is the key to give shape to your future. Because when you show up for a job interview with confidence, you reflect success and when you handle the stress with confidence – you reflect wisdom. In any given moment, you can turn the tables around and be more confident, speak more confidently and express more confidence. Five simple steps to show up in the world with unwavering confidence are –

1. Breathe – We don’t remember how we breathe. We are unconsciously walking around with no idea of what we are actually dong with our lives. And the first step is to take a moment, stop, breathe in, breathe out and then take on life. Breathing affects our bodies and when we are feeling stress, anxiety or any emotion of anger and hatred, its always suggested that we count backwards from 10 to 1 – it helps to calm down. I have always known that fact and am sure you know it too but have you actually tried it? Try it this time.

2. Positive Glossary – In everyday life we communicate through our words. Words be it from any language are either positive or negative. Words like happiness, joy, love, faith gives us positive emotions and words like stress, failure, anxiety, sadness return negativity. If you become a little aware of the words you use in everyday life, you can amazingly create changes. Do you say, “I suck”, “I am a failure”, “I don’t deserve it” or “I am not good enough”? If yes, then turn them around and create a more positive glossary of  your language. Say, “I am willing to learn”, “I am sure success is possible”, “I am working to make things happen” and many more. Whenever someone asks you, “How are you”, don’t say I am fine – be a little more enthusiastic and say “I am doing excellent”. You will automatically feel the confidence your language will adhere.

3. Walk Faster – It’s a scientific proven fact that changing our physiological state can affect our mental state. Our emotions and our body postures are inter-linked. When you feel sad you are slouching or walking slow but when you feel confident, your gait is faster, clean and crisp. Walk faster before you enter a meeting, as you head for a party, as you go on a date.

4. Clarity – When you know what you want to accomplish, your actions are driven with ease. But when you are not sure what you want the outcome to be things get clogged up. If you know you want to have that job, you will display confidence with optimism but when you are doubting your own self and you are not clear – you will end up never having it. Be -clear on what you want in day-to-day life. It’s not about creating a list, it’s about being in the know what you want and then working to achieve it.

5. Write your results/achievements – Putting your past achievements and current results on paper is amazing. It creates an incredible bond with our own selves. When we count what we have done – from small to big – we create a momentum of doing and achieving more. Yes, you may have failed at times but failure is just an event and not your characteristic.

What are you going to try first? How you instill more confidence in your life?

Ruchika Batra is a Life Coach + would be psychologist and a spiritual rockstar. She is on a mission to create miracles combining the principles of psychology and spirituality. Her website is – http://ruchikabatra.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Ruoie

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruchika-Batra/470596869651583



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