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Stick With That New Years Resolution: 5 tips to Help You Stay Motivated To Go to the Gym

More than 40% of Americans made resolutions for 2014; however, statistics show that less than 10% of these people will actually achieve their goals. Of course, the number one resolution each year always relates to weight loss. Americans want to get fit – but few are willing to maintain the program for longer than one month. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated in your fitness journey:

Get the Right Workout Clothing

Invest in the right clothing so that you can work out comfortably. If you’re headed to the gym you want to make sure that you look good, but more importantly, comfortable enough to work out properly. If you’re wearing clothing that is constricting, it is likely that you won’t do the workout properly, you won’t see the right results, and you won’t end up sticking with your new years resolution. Pick up a new pair of shoes, socks or running shorts each month as a treat. When you spend money on gear to support your healthy new habit, you are making a commitment. You don’t want to feel like you are throwing money away.

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Set a goal

As you work out, you should always have a simple goal in mind. Weightlifters make goals based on how much they want to lift, and runners base their goals on distances and times. Sign up for a 5K and start training! Accountability is a big way to help people stick with something. Goal setting is not only used in working out, but in all walks of life to complete a number of different tasks. Generally when goal setting, start small. You don’t want to set some lofty goal of losing 30lbs in a week, and then not hit it. Whether you’re working out to lose weight, or to gain weight, or to just tone up, there are small goals that can be used as bench marks to get you from point A to point B, and then before you know it, you’re at your end result goal!

Fear of Success

Fear of Success

Hire a personal trainer

Most gyms offer personal trainers, but you can even turn to independent trainers to improve your next workout. One session with a personal trainer each week helps to keep you on track. Back to accountability, personal trainers are not only there to show you how to exercise correctly, but they’re there to ask why you didn’t show up to your last work out, or why you’re eating terribly etc..They are very good at developing a personalized workout for you and your goals and body type. The money you spend on the trainer will also encourage you to continue working out and stick with your goals.


Get a workout buddy

One of the reasons many people drop their fitness resolutions is the lack of support. The motivation that comes with having a friend work out with you is incredible. Whether your friend is fitter than you or also just trying to get started, having another person to rely on can keep you going. Plus, it keeps you from feeling lonely on your workout! You can’t get bored when you have a friend to talk to.

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Venture outside on occasion

Even if you are used to working out in the gym, shake up the routine with a run or walk outside. The fresh air will motivate you and you will not feel bored looking at the same room every single day. Try an outdoor workout just once a week.

Incorporating these new ideas into your routine will make your workout seem more like a hobby and less like a chore. It will become obvious that you are you making progress quite quickly.

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