5 Reasons Why Blaming Never Works!

Blaming others for anything that goes wrong in our lives is what comes handy to us. In those situations where we don’t prefer to take the call of responsibility or change we put it as a label of blame on others. There may be events where the blame has been rightly bestowed on someone else but this whole concept of blame-game will never free us from the cyclone of crap and trap. Blaming never helps us, never and it will never ever do any good to us. Even if somebody did hurt us, we need to make a decision of letting things go. We need to learn and move on instead of being stuck in the same situation forever by holding on to blame.

There are five very important reasons on why blaming never works –

1. It keeps us stuck: When we blame someone else in present or hold someone responsible for our misfortunes in past, we clearly fall back to what happened back then. We create a boundary to our thinking zone and keep ourselves small and stuck by repeating the same old pattern of blaming and not feeling good. From a minor issue to major, when we blame others we get stuck in our minds and their thoughts.

It gives power to someone else: Blaming in other words is allowing someone else to do the rest. We give someone else the power to make us feel disgusting or bad or whatever they would like us to feel. We make someone else more important than our own perception or choice. We hold someone on the top most staircase of blocking our happiness.

3. It makes us negative: When we blame, we automatically enter the negative zone. We loathe someone else or some external factor because of which we were not able to mold the life into our own favor.  It makes us a negative person from top to bottom. We shell out only what went wrong or what the person didn’t do or what life didn’t turn out to be. Whatever we say in that aspect has to be all negative.

4. It makes us a victim: Making someone else responsible for our suffering is the characteristic of a person who doesn’t exercise self-control and is not courageous enough. Walking on the path of blaming is the act of victim-hood. Because only those people who are tired of life and feels there is no way they can help themselves blame the rest of the world.

5. It makes us small: Blaming is the virtue of weak. When we blame we become small, unidentifiable and meek. We don’t look at the situation from a perspective of solving it but we look at the smallness we are trapped in. We want others to take action instead of our own selves because we believe they have done the damage so they got to solve it. But it all keeps us small and stuck.

Life doesn’t flow beautifully when we are small, stuck, negative and living like a victim. Come out of this blame-game by releasing yourself from the event. Forgiving the people and situation we blame and learning the lesson that we need to is the only way to handle it. Forgiveness is the tool that works magically and then take required actions. We cannot control the world because the only person we can control is our own selves. Do the best you can for yourself and leave the rest to the power that guides and support us.

About the author – Ruchika Batra is a Life Coach from India and loves to combine the principles of psychology  and spirituality to help people fall in love themselves and their lives. She can be found and contacted here:

Website: www.ruchikabatra.com

Twitter: @ruoie

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruchika-Batra/470596869651583




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