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5 Simple Changes You Can Start on for The New Year

It’s the new year! And yep, resolutions are coming.

Unfortunately, resolutions are very easy to fail with. It’s just how it is I guess.

So let’s just forget about resolutions for a second. Let’s get on with our lives, with CHANGES.

Changes can be a tricky thing. It’s both easy and hard. But when you put in the effort, you’d most definitely emerge stronger.

That’s my personal aim this year. I’m going to start on changes. Notice I said “start” and not anything like “make changes”.

I think it’s all about taking that first step, and with that, we can strive to develop new, awesome habits that’d make the big differences in our lives.

Here are 5 changes you can start on for the new year

1) Cut down on social media

Yep. A simple yet big change you can create in your life is to cut down on social media. That means spending less time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

It isn’t just about creating more time for yourself, but I personally think the danger with social media is that we are using it too much without even realizing it.

Think about it, how often have you found yourself surfing mindlessly for something to do, which is honestly very ironic because you actually doing something? How often have you found yourself wanting to distract yourself with your phone when you’re doing something else?

Cut down on social media and start being aware of what’s going on around you. You’d be surprised with how much you can achieve with the extra free time and also how many new things you’d discover about yourself when you’re aware of what’s going on around you.

I’ve personally made the first step by deleting Facebook off my phone. I’ll definitely step it up soon.

2) Exercise a little.

We aren’t aiming for six packs or to fit in that wedding dress here.

We are aiming to feel good. And you feel good with exercise.

The way I like to see it is to simply tough it out for an hour or so a day and then feel good for the rest of the evening.

It’s like nothing can ruin your day after exercise. Not even eating junk food after that can.

So start exercising, and start feeling good about yourself. With the goodness in you, you never know what you can accomplish after.

3) Stop procrastinating and start with one thing

Procrastination is the bane of our existence.

It can be pretty tough to get things done, especially when you keep thinking about what’s to come and what needs to be done.

So here’s what you need to do: Get off your ass, and do that one small thing.

Then let it flow. It will always flow afterwards.

And what’s the point of not procrastinating? It’s to feel good. Like exercising, it’s about allowing yourself to feel good for the rest of the day.

Stop thinking about the enormity of the tasks. Just do small thing, and you’ll get in the flow.

4) Read more

Books are underrated treasure of modern society. They’re unfortunately being replaced by other less important things like video games, television and social media.

Reading not only gives you knowledge or improves your language. Reading boosts your confidence as a whole!

When you read, you’ll be taken to places. After you’re done reading, you’d feel like a new person as you’d have discovered new ideas, ideas which would inspire you to create your own ideas.

But sadly, not many take reading as a serious activity any more. They’d rather skim and surf mindlessly with whatever comes their way.

So read. Go to your library and read. Make it your activity and start expanding your horizons. This habit would take you places.

5) Appreciate being alone

Another under appreciated art form.

Ever wondered why a lot of successful people advocate meditation? And also why a lot of successful people are introverts?

The reasons vary, but above all, they understand the importance of being alone.

I personally believe everybody needs their own space. Whether in small or large doses, the space needs to be there.

You need people around you all the time. You don’t need to keep spending time with friends, even though yes, they are your friends.

And you absolutely don’t need to adhere to others’ beliefs on how being alone means you’ve no friends or that you’re depressed.

If you learn how to appreciate being alone, you’d never feel alone any more.

Start being alone. Create your own little space for you and your thoughts. Start appreciate things around you. You’d be surprised with what new insights would come in your life.

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