4 Ways to Unlock Nature’s Secret for Limitless Growth

The large, maple tree that shades our house disperses whirly, helicopter seeds. From these seeds, trees grow almost anywhere, amongst flowers and between grape vines. Trees even weave in and out of metal fencing.

Have you ever noticed how trees grow in spite of limits? A tree makes space for its roots and leaves, changing directions as needed. We, too, can create space and adjust for personal growth.

For me, changing myself is a far greater challenge than academic learning. Iíve got the knowledge, yet applying it to my life is something different. Turning knowledge into action can get even tougher when I impose limits on myself.

What limits do you impose on yourself?

When we limit ourselves, we stunt our growth potential. Do any of these limiting assumptions sounds familiar?

  • I’ll never be good enough, smart enough, or strong enough.
  • I can’t change. I’ve always been this way.
  • It’ll take too long. It ‘s too late to change.

What can we learn about change from a shade sharing, powerful tree? To grow through our limits. It’s time to break through, like a tree reaching for raindrops and sunlight.

What do you want to change or grow?

It can be anything, from a behavior, recurring pattern, nasty habit, to a new skill. A few things I’m working on:

  • Not taking others’ reactions personally
  • Letting others learn from their mistakes
  • Defining myself when pressured to agree with others

I fantasize about fleeing from my goals when I get frustrated with slow change. Yet, I persist, loving the challenge of learning and breaking through limits.

4 Steps to Grow Through Your Limits:

Nurture Your Foundation : A tree creates roots to receive nutrients.

Look after yourself, and receive needed nutrients. Care for your physical body. Connect with loved ones. Give yourself a strong foundation of roots to grow.

Build on Learning : A tree knows where to grow to get the best nutrients.

View each step as learning, even if you step backwards, sideways, or freeze. Learning what works and what doesnít work.† Small steps build into big change over time.

Befriend Repetition : A tree has many branches and leaves to receive nutrients.

Breaking through limits takes time. You may start acting or thinking in a new way before your feelings catch up. The more you practice your new skill, the easier it will get. Repetition creates a new pathway in your brain.

Tap Into Strength : A tree is a powerful living system with innate growth potential.

We can do hard things. Our strength is larger than we imagine. Chose long-term growth over short-term discomfort. Move toward growth and break through self-imposed limits.

Limitless growth can be unlocked at any age. Greyson Chance is living his dream at 13 years old. He shares his inspiration with others in ‘Waiting Outside the Lines’.


Embrace your personal journey, the triumphs and the pit stops. Don’t let the lines you’ve drawn inside yourself hold you back. Unlock nature’s secrets.

What helps you break through self-imposed limits?


Marci writes for Liberating Choices, inspiring others to break through worry. She’s passionate about coaching others to reach their goals, one step at a time.

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