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4 Reasons to Take Action…Any Action… Right Now!

I used to think there was a formula for life.  Do X and Y happens.  Being the Type A person that I am…or used to be, I believed that if you worked hard, you’ll succeed.  That was it.  And while this is still true to some extent, what forced me down a spiraling path of anxiety and stress was a strong sense of uncertainty in my job, career and increasingly in life.

From the economy to the job market to all the negative sentiments being talked about in the supermarket to the stock market. There is a feeling of uneasiness that I couldn’t help ignore.

So, I froze.  Paralyzed by the problem of trying to predict an uncertain career, I was stuck and couldn’t figure out which way to move forward in my life and in my job.

Then something great happened and I took an unexpected trip with a friend to India and it changed my life forever.  I was quite familiar with the country of a billion people but had a different lens as I found uncertainty everywhere.

Since that trip and over the last few years, I have been learning about how to deal with uncertainty in my life and in my career and have made remarkable progress towards adapting to this “new normal” by fully learning embrace the chaos!

In my journey, one of the most important lessons I learned is that I just HAVE TO MOVE FORWARD and TAKE ACTION.

Here are 4 Reasons to Take Action…Any Action Right Now:

1. There will NEVER be a perfect time.

Perfection is an illusion created by our mind to bring order where none exists.  There will never, ever be the perfect time, the perfect circumstances, perfect job, perfect partner, friend or perfect moment.  Life is imperfect and the world is beautifully flawed.  I always used to think that I’ll jump in the game and change careers when my wife’s business takes off or when I’m presented with the right opportunity.  But you just can’t predict WHEN that moment will happen.  And so you do nothing.  And doing nothing makes you feel helpless to the chaos out there causing greater tension and stress.  By accepting the fact that life is imperfect and that there is no perfect time, it helped spur me to…jump in.  As a result, we started my wife’s business in the midst of the economic meltdown in Oct. 2008 and I started pursuing a new project at work that has helped me grow

2. You can’t predict the future.

I used to over analyze, over think, over plan and try really hard to figure out how things will turn out BEFORE I moved forward with anything.  But I realized that I was wrong more often that I was right.  When you’re feeling trapped in a world of uncertainty, you feel as though you have no viable choices ahead on your path so you find yourself looking at the problem 10 different ways.  And you pour over pros/cons that you’ve written up for taking a certain action.  You ask tons of people for advice.  But it gets you nowhere except more stress and anxiety because no one has a crystal ball for what the future will look like.

In my own journey, what I realized is that I’m really not that smart as to be able to make any future predictions legitimate.  So why not move forward with something I want to do anyway?  Who really knows if my business idea will be a success or a failure?  Who really knows?  I’ve got just as good a shot at being a success in this crazy world full of chaos and randomness, as anyone else.  As long as I believe in it, that’s the future I’m willing to be on…my belief.

3. One thing always leads to another
“What’s the point”, “Where will that get you?” “You’ll never make as much money doing that” are typical comments that you often hear when you share your pursuit of a dream with someone.  And it can be discouraging…ok…it really can be downright depressing.  But what I have increasingly realized is that in life, you cannot anticipate the consequences of even the smallest of steps forward.  There are way too many variables to know the circumstances you’ll be in, following a step forward.

And so often, one step leads you to another unlikely, undiscovered thought or idea which leads you to another idea or a meeting, which leads you to a breakthrough in your life or your business.  Think about how often randomness happens when you are out there trying something.  A phone call from someone you met a while ago, a surprising email from a customer or a facebook request from an old friend or simply a smile that you get from someone you just met.  Sometimes that initial step is all what is required to set in motion a whole new timeline of events being created to give you just the boost you need.

4. You feel better about life, almost immediately
The fundamental problem of trying to manage uncertainty in life is that often inaction breeds anxiety.  You feel like you have no control over the chaos of life.  And that inaction becomes a spiral of stress, tension and anxiety.  Even the smallest steps forward have made me feel better almost immediately because a little bit of the uncertainty starts to fade and give way to a little more clarity of the path ahead.  Being able to see the path, however blurry is better than not seeing the path at all…because you’ll be on your way somewhere…on the journey.  And you’ll get closer to real knowing. Taking action makes you feel better almost immediately also because you start feeling like you have control of your life.

In my own personal journey of learning to live with uncertainty, I have realized that action, however small not only makes me feel better about life but actually helps to put me in a place that I never thought possible…and in these days of uncertainty, possibilities are we are all after…isn’t it?


Bob Miglani: Embrace the Chaos.com


24 Responses to 4 Reasons to Take Action…Any Action… Right Now!

  1. Peter Valus says:

    I’ve made myself to have some extra coffee and act ‘now’ in the first paragraph. Ive had the chance to visit African Gambia, that changed my life as well. Seeing poverty and the perception of life over in Africa comparing to US or Western Europe, that being thankful for my life is not enough and we all should be thankful that we can read and browse the web..

  2. PeterValus says:

    And thank you for great post :)

  3. Adhierachman says:

    Dear Bob..I like this article so much.and I agree 1million percent of it!!This article so encouraging..Bravo!!

  4. You really nailed it with your first and last points. When it comes to pursuing our dreams, there is never a moment that feels just right. There is always a reason to wait until tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, so if you want to live a self-determined life you had better start  now.

    Just a little action goes a long way. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish with the persistent application of small changes — they add up quick. You begin to see results. And those results breed confidence and optimism, which breed more action. See the pattern?

    In the end, only action has the power to change our lives. Hopes and dreams are just fantasy if unaccompanied by the action necessary to fulfill them. And living in a fantasy world is no way to live.


  5. Dan Erickson says:

    Most of the time this is good advice.  However, there are moments when the best action is to not take action.  But then not taking action could be considered an action.

    But seriously, I know I feel much better if I start out my day doing something productive than not.  Thanks.

  6. Dougcartwright says:

    Brilliant article, succinct and with some great quotes. I have emailed one line already to my work colleague. Thanks!

  7. This is a really great topic and one that is certainly needed in this world today. We are faced with numerous challenges and fears that seem to immobilize ourselves. It is only when we decide to stop being victim to our fears and circumstances that we can empower ourselves to take action and make changes.

    Even over analyzing and thinking things is a form of procrastination; I really need to work on this myself! Whenever we over analyze we are simply spinning our wheels and just describing our circumstances. Basically, we are doing nothing to change anything. We need to make a decision to take action and then live with that. Waiting for the perfect time results in us always waiting. If you are like me, I certainly don’t like waiting for very long! Our dreams are out there for us to go and capture! Don’t you think it is time to take action towards those dreams?

    Thanks for this post!

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  9. Mike D. says:

    I think I realized that some years ago… It’s the same if you want to have a (good) job or find friends, a lover, you have to take action.

  10. Deepak jain says:

    ” karmanaya vadika raste maa faleshu kadachana” The lord Krishna says, take action and leave the result on the god. the Jainism says “Subh Karma will have Subh Pariniti” means right action will yield the right reaction/ result

  11. Jorge Blanco says:

    Very true indeed. If you want to achieve something, you have to take action and take that first step no matter how uncertain the future that lies ahead.

  12. Bob Miglani says:


  13. Bob Miglani says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of a ‘walk about’…as you say, it makes you thankful but also encourages action!

  14. Bob Miglani says:

    Thanks, Trevor. I agree 100%, that hopes and dreams are essentially empty promises without action.  Thanks for writing!

  15. Bob Miglani says:

    Thanks!  Best wishes for a terrific day!

  16. Bob Miglani says:

    Thanks, Chris.  You are so right about how we over think so much and it does become a form of procrastination…and it makes us feel so helpless sometimes.  Thanks for writing and all the best!  -Bob

  17. Bob Miglani says:

    Jorge – thanks for writing.  That first step is the hardest, isn’t it?  all the best!  -Bob

  18. Bob Miglani says:

    Thanks for writing, Deepak!  Right action, indeed!

  19. Bob Miglani says:

    you’re right…there is no perfection…so why wait?  all the best, Mike!

  20. florabrown says:


    You are speaking directly to me. I’ve been guilty of being paralyzed by too much planning, and attempting to control the future. You’re absolutely right that learning to live with uncertainty and embracing chaos are the answers.

    The fact that you had these realizations after travelling to India shows how much visiting a different culture and discovering a different perspective can open our eyes.  That’s why I’m on a mission to finish seeing every continent at least once (I have 2 left.) Each time I travel I come back to new ideas, a refreshed perspective, but most of all gratitude for my life.

    I especially agree that there is never a perfect time, and that action–any action forward–reduces anxiety and is guaranteed to give us experiences we couldn’t plan or predict.

    This was a perfect post to start the year. Thank you.

  21. Glynis Jolly says:

    I am aware of these thing although I am not very effective at executing them. Often I have to sit myself down, and insist that I pay attention and just start doing something, anything.

  22. James J says:

    Great post.  Thank you for sharing.  From a Christian perspective, your advice ties in with the Gospel.  1.  We live in an imperfect world.  2.  No one knows the future, the day or hour when God pours out his judgement on a rejecting world. 3.  One needs to take daily steps of faith in life with God as your guide  4.  Doing so will definitely provide you hope for your future.  Just found your article and the Gospel very similar.

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