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4 Reasons to Seek Natural Therapy

One of the first things people are wary of with medical therapy is the side effects of the medications. News headlines abound about lawsuits of drug side effects, so savvy people take the least amount of pharmaceutical products possible.

The American public is starting to make other choices for health care, because there is one aspect of the American Spirit that always holds true: if they get frustrated, they will find an innovative way to do something better… and there is nothing more frustrating than having too many medical bills for a treatment that did not work.

Here are some good reasons to seek natural therapy:



In today’s economic climate it is difficult for most people to get modern healthcare. In many cases, wives or husbands are keeping a job that they really don’t like or get enough pay for simply because their job offers good insurance for health coverage for their family. To buy the insurance separately is not affordable and most households have often gone broke from medical bills that were just too high – even with insurance.

Your Own Healing


Hippocrates is more closely followed in holistic healing programs like naturopathy; the theme is “do no harm” and “educate the client about the therapy”. The results can be spectacular. One of the reasons is the client is directly engaged in their own recovery and when they have healing breakthroughs, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which in turn raises their self esteem; solidifying another crucial part of the healing process—reversing the damaging psycho somatic influence that low esteem can bring into a renewed state of well being and confidence.



The person that is involved in their healing will not have to call the doctor or go to the hospital whenever they get sick. Because they are further along with their own knowledge and abilities; they learn more about herbs and how foods can be medicine. They may not always have the answers, but when they do visit their Natural Health Practitioner they get deeper help and assistance. Over a longer period, when function is restored, the consultations become less frequent, long term costs are lowered and when the consultations do take place it becomes a one-on-one classroom for learning about healing.

Personal Triumph

It is interesting to note, that the Royal Family in England only use homeopathy. Of course they have a different lifestyle than anyone, but more to the point, these homeopathic medications are the most harmless on the planet. This family could afford any kind of care in the world, yet they choose natural therapy and homeopathy. Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth never take pharmaceutical drugs. Could it be because they are directly involved with their homeopathic doctors who educate them over the years, and in this case over generations; that they are directly involved in their own healing? Queen Mum, Elizabeth’s mother lived to 101 years. She still rode horses in her golden years.

None of us are royalty, but we do have choices.

Johnny Delirious holds a Masters Degree in Natural Health, with an emphasis on Nutrition & Wellness Modalities from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Al and is a Ph.D. candidate at the same college. He currently lives in Texas and enjoys a fruitful and healthy life. Learn more at Contact Johnny at

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  • Jahid Hasan Asif

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  • farouk

    I really like the idea of the post Johnny
     alternative therapy can provide great benefits to people such as the ones you mentioned
    thank you :)

    • JohnnyD

      It is a great place to start! My grandmother used all her folk remedies (all natural) that were passed down from her mother and she had a great life up 79 years!  JD

  • penn

    I typically really like the blog, but this is a complete misfire. Homeopathy is “harmless” and without side effects because it is also without primary effects. In large clinical trials homeopathy does not perform better than placebos. Additionally, homeopathic remedies greater than 12C or so are just water, since a dilution of 1024  is greater than Avadagro’s number.  For homeopathy to work would require everything we know about physics, chemistry and biology to be wrong. Also, the Queen Mum did receive standard medical care, so she provides no evidence for any sort of naturopathy. Also, please offer some sort of evidence that Queen Elizabeth does not take pharmaceutical drugs. She has undergone surgery in the last 10 years, and I can guarantee you pharmaceutical drugs were involved. At very least anesthesia, anti-biotics, and pain medications were used.

  • Sean

    This is so true. Unfortunately, our society wants the “quick fix” which means taking the medications given to them by the doctor, no matter how many side-effects are involved.

    Natural methods typically take longer to show results, so the “I want it know” mentality needs to change. But the results are lasting and don’t come with side-effects.

    • Johnny Delirious

      My father was a MD and finished med school in the 40s. There were many break throughs with medicine curing desease in the 40s and 50s and many lives were saved. But he decided to retire early at age 62. One of things I remember him saying is “this is getting to be a racket, some of this stuff really does not work” My philosophy has been go natural first and if that does not work go to a doctor, I don’t  see anything wrong with that.  JD

  • Fred Tracy

    I think everyone should seek natural therapy, in addition to more modern approaches. Different people respond differently to different things, so everything should be tried if we really want to be healed.

    • Johnny Delirious

      A hands on approach to healing yourself is always better, then you know more what to do when you get ill the next time!

  • JonKinsey

    I like this.  I use natural remedies whenever I can.

  • Einar C. Christiansen

    Here’s one reason not to seek natural therapy: It rarely works. Here’s another:  It can in some cases be dangerous. 

  • research paper

     Thank you! your advice really helped! Every day I had a stress … I have learned relaxing)))

  • Gracie

    This is a great article. It’s good to feel involved in your own healthcare and with so many jobs not even offering health insurance these days, it’s good to know some tips for yourself. Want some other ideas for health, look here:

  • Raymond Cubeta

    Hey Johnny, great message in this post. I took a few notes on it. :)


    Be as positive in life as you can, that will certainly help a lot. If you want more reasons, here there are scientific articles on the subject: