4 Obvious, But Not So Obvious Ways To Always Be Inspired

You read some awesome rag-to-riches story of somebody go overcame great odds to be the person he or she is today.

Typically, they got out of debt, got over addiction to drugs and even saved themselves from killing themselves.

It’s inspiring for sure.

It spurs you on to start taking action. Perhaps you finally decided to start your own business, start a blog or just quit your job.

That emotional high you feel at the start was breathtaking. You’re fueled with power. Nothing can go wrong!

But things did go wrong.

That inspiration died off. And you wonder why.

Sounds familiar?

Inspiration doesn’t last

It doesn’t.

More often than not, a lot of us think that getting inspired once, at the start is enough.

When we feel that emotional high, we think that is enough. We rely on that inspiration to keep going ahead.

But what we miss out on is that we should always continuously inspire ourselves instead of always trying to work hard, and take action just for the sake of it.

And furthermore, we tend to put inspiration on a pedestal.

We think inspiration has to come in the form of some amazing story that comes in rare occasions or worse, it has to enter our lives like a miracle.

Getting re-inspired is the key

There’re many things we can do to always get ourselves re-inspired, meaning to put in the effort to seek inspiration.

It doesn’t have to be that one amazing time. It can be every day.

Here’s how you get yourself inspired in some obvious ways you may have missed out on.

4 obvious, but not so obvious ways to always be inspired

1) Go to your library

I don’t care if you like to read or not. It’s not about whether you like to read, it’s about finding the right topic you’re interested in.

Go to your library. Carry out a search. You absolutely will find something you’re interested in.

That’s how you really read.

So forget about having “fun” for a second. Forget TV, movies, social media or partying.

That’s all good, but the library is your constant source of surprise and inspiration. You owe it to yourself to get knowledge; get inspiration.

There’s a reason why it’s built in your town. So go.

2) Get out of the house

You working hard on your home business? That’s cool.

But remember to get out of the house from time to time.

It’s not just about taking a break. We are only human, and we shouldn’t be cooped up all day in a single room.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t sure what to do outside either. Heck, don’t even have a plan or anything!

The point is to leave everything behind for a while and start exposing yourself to the world.

You’ll be surprised what this can do for you. The fresher air alone would do you good.

3) Be alone

Everyone needs their own private space.

That’s a fact.

You can’t be around others all the time, even if they’re your good friends or family.

It’s important to give yourself the time and space so you can be alone with your thoughts. That’s how you truly reflect in peace without the noise.

Here, you can also step it up by meditating. Just by remember to literally take a breather, it’s going to give you the inspiration you need to realize that you deserve your own space, your own break.

That’s when you think up the greatest ideas.

4) Go for live events

Whatever your craft or business is, it’s a good idea to go for live events.

Live events are where the energy is at its highest and where you get to be with like-minded people, kindred spirits even.

Maybe it’s listening to an award-winning speaker or watching an athletic match live, the effect of just surrounding yourself with people who think alike is inspiring alone.

Just like how you need your own space, you also need a helping hand from time to time (yes it’s okay to rely on others!) and you can do this by going for events and meeting the right people.

Inspiration is free

Here’s another obvious, but missed out fact of life: Inspiration is free.

It costs nothing.

You don’t need to put in a lot to get some.

Put in the little effort to get out there, give yourself the space after a bit and just soak up the inspiration.

If anything, inspiration is your little space of joy and happiness amidst all the negativity you may be feeling.

And it can always be better.

That’s obvious.

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