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3 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Cravings

Let’s face it – You don’t have to be pregnant to know what it’s like to crave salty potato chips or sweet ice cream. The fact of the matter is that everyone has a craving now and then. But did you know your cravings might actually mean something?

Usually, when we crave a certain food, it’s because our body is telling us it needs a specific nutrient. You can go ahead and give into that craving to satisfy your body, but it’s important to know why you are craving a certain food and then choose the healthier alternative. Your system, and your waistline, will thank you for choosing the healthy way out.

Craving Salty Snacks

If you are craving potato chips or French fries, you need something salty. This is likely your body’s way of telling you that you are low on essential minerals. A low-calcium diet often leads to salt cravings. Salt tricks your body into believing that calcium levels are high enough.

Instead of the salt, reach for dairy. Drink a glass of milk or eat a slice of cheese. You’ll give your body the calcium you need instead of tricking it into thinking it’s satisfied.

Craving Sweet Treats

For some people, all you have to do is say the word “chocolate” and their mouth waters until a pound of chocolate has been consumed. When we crave sweets, it’s usually because of our mood. In many cases, we are sad when we crave sweets. Ever have a really tough day and the only thing that will console you is a big cupcake? That’s because when we are sad we want a quick mood lift. Our body wants to release serotonin, which you can get when you eat sweets.

If you really must have that chocolate, opt for dark chocolate. This variety contains antioxidants, which are needed to stay healthy. Or better yet, instead of eating the chocolate, go out for a walk or a bike ride. The exercise is much more likely to give you long-term mood benefits, whereas the treats will only make you feel better for a moment.

Craving a Spicy Kick

When your body is overheated, you crave the spicy foods that make you perspire. Your body wants to cool down and spicy food can help do that. Some studies suggest that people who crave spicy foods are addicted to the accelerated heart rate and rapid breathing that comes from really spicy Thai food or Mexican favorites. It’s the adrenaline rush you’re actually craving, not the food itself.

Again, go exercise to help you get the rush you need. Your body will perspire, which will help cool you down. Plus, you’re getting your heart rate up, which helps with the adrenaline craving.

When you apply these tips you can cut out a bunch of empty calories and increase your intake of healthy vitamins and minerals. You will feel healthier and look better, which everyone can agree is a good thing!

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19 Responses to 3 Healthy Ways to Satisfy Your Cravings

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  3. Emily Hunter says:

    There’s so many times that I don’t even know WHAT I’m craving.  Most of the time I’m into the salty foods – getting the chips and bad stuff, but well that didn’t really work.  Exercise definitely works, though! Thanks for the tips. :) 

  4. Clint Cora says:

    I’ve recently added frozen red grapes to my snacking (at home of course).  Many times when I feel the urge for a craving, especially a quick snack, I would simply go into the freezer and reach for 1-2 frozen grapes and they would usually do the trick.  Drinking extra water would also help as it fills the stomach and there’s nothing wrong with increasing one’s fluids intake on a daily level anyway.

  5. Rdjensen9 says:

    Spicy foods cool you down… Never thought of it like that.

  6. Rdjensen9 says:

    Spicy foods cool you down… Never thought of it like that.

  7. Amy Swanson says:

    Next time I’m craving potato chips, I’ll have to try drinking a glass of milk instead. It seems like when I get home from work that’s what I gravitate for first. Great tips! Thanks!!

  8. Juliaverdes says:

    Very interesting with the spicy food. Never knew that!Great article.

  9. CrystalDoll says:

    My first time to know knowledge about that. Very interesting article. And it’s amazing that our body can give hints when something is needed. Thanks for sharing this practical information.

  10. I read somewhere recently that research shows that if you tell yourself you can have the food later, you will get past the initial craving or desire, and overall will reduce greatly the intake of that food or craving. I’ve got more thoughts on

  11. Sky Abelar says:

    If you are craving salt, don’t reach for the “dairy” as the article suggests.  If you can buy it at the supermarket, it’s no longer dairy.  It’s been processed, pasteurized and homogenized.  Your body cannot process the cooked minerals it contains, so it really doesn’t matter if you have the chips or milk.  If you really want to give your body what it needs when it’s craving salt, have raw cream or milk, raw, unsalted cheese, raw fresh, not bottled, veggie juice based mainly on celery, or you can add a dash of Terramin clay to your drinking water. 

    Craving sugar?  Have some completely unheated to any degree honey.  Most honey labeled raw, isn’t, and the enzymes are dead.  When your body is craving sweets give it raw honey, or raw fruit.  If you eat fruit be sure to eat it with some kind of raw fat to ensure that the sugar absorbs slowly into the body.  Raw eggs, raw coconut cream, not oil, and raw avocado are good sources of raw fats.

    Want hot pepper. Just have a bit of raw hot pepper with your meals.

    Last, and very important….eat everything organic.  Your body doesn’t need pesticides!

  12. Your comment makes sense. Organic foods are always better.

    Also the article is great! Thank you!

  13. Xandersut says:

    Excellent page. never seen any better.

  14. Xandersut says:

    Excellent page. never seen any better.

  15. Kaela_munson says:

     usually im craving meat. what about when that happens

  16. Deborah Hopper says:

    I like your facts about craving, this is very helpful. Now when i get those cravings for chips and sweets i know what to do. Thanks

  17. hjli says:

    What’s wrong with eating spicy food?

  18. shane says:

    Just curious where this information came from. Mammals crave salt when they need ummm……. salt. There is also nothing inherently wrong or unhealthy with salt.
    Also how does adrenaline or exercise cool you down?
    Not too sure about the facts here myself.

  19. Cody Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing this good info. I think water is the best and easy way to lose more weight.
    how to lose water weight fast

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