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15 Simple Ways to Put Meaning Back into Your Life

What is the meaning of life?

That’s for you to decide, you get to choose.

Instead of going through life without meaning only struggling to survive, stop along the way and begin to notice things around you, begin doing things because you want to do them not because you have to.

Here are some possibilities of things you can do to give your life meaning, or even simply get you started on a new journey.

Be Happy

Being happy is a choice it come from the inside out, you don’t need to be happy because of a certain outcome or something you have received but be happy because you are alive. It takes practice believe me, but you can learn to be happy each day by simply being grateful.

Show Up

How are you showing up each day? Are you just letting life happen or are you creating life and taking action on the things that will make your life the way you want it to be? Think about it.

Follow your heart

Do what you love to do and do it often. What feels right to you IS right for you.

Find a new perspective

Begin to look at things differently. Is what you have previously being told and taught the truth? Question everything, that’s what I say take the frame away from what you see and change the perspective, this alone could change your life!

Have a sense of wonder

Children are the classic example they ‘wonder’ about everything. The ask lots of questions and want to know why. If they don’t like the answer they make their own ideas up about something.

Find people you love

People you look up to people who share the same passions, ideas and hobbies as you. This could simply be your friends. Plan to spend some time with them and do something.

Set goals

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” ~ Winston Churchill

Where are you heading in life? Are you drifting with the rest of the world? At the very least have some Idea what you want to achieve.


Help others

Do for others what you want for yourself.

Helping someone else will give you a feeling of satisfaction and worthiness. Besides we all could do with a helping hand at times. Be that person.



Pamper yourself

When was the last time you went all out on yourself? I’m not talking about while you was on holiday. I’m talking about doing something tonight. OK you don’t have to go all out but do one thing today that even mildly represents a form of pampering. You will be glad that you did.

Face your fears

Easier said than done, I know, but I’m hoping to give you some inspiration. Here goes.

Just DO IT Already!!!!! One way to overcome something is to do it.

Go to a museum

Get out and about go do something. Learn something new, something you didn’t know before. When was the last time you went to a museum, with school?


You may have heard it said before that exercise releases ‘happy hormones’ that reduce stress. Exercise is a way to keep fit and healthy lengthening your life span. It doesn’t have to be ‘at the gym’ you could go for a walk, jog, ride a bike or even by using the stairs in your house!

Limit TV

Find something else to do. Read a book. Play a game with your children. Get creative. Have sex. Use the time you would normally watch TV to start a business or grow the one you already have.

Get in touch with nature

Take a walk, go to the park. Listen to the birds in the morning, look at the flowers, trees and the abundance that is all around us.

You don’t need to do all of these to experience life you only need to pick the one that is the most relevant to you right now and go do that. Just one thing. Often we think we need to do more but we don’t if I said go do all 30 things now you wouldn’t do any of them!

Which one resonates with you now at this moment in your life? Leave a comment below.

I’m Diana and I am extremely passionate about helping others wake up to the reality that there is more to life. I believe we all have a purpose and by following our passions we can have the freedom we seek, live happier and more abundant lives. I help people like you to find personal freedom, by living your values and follow your passions so you can live a happier life and make a difference in the world. I am also the creator of The Personal Freedom Project.

35 Responses to 15 Simple Ways to Put Meaning Back into Your Life

  1. ologundudu says:

    this is really great. i barely watch TV. only when i need to. Dancing is my favorite.

  2. Martin R Pringle says:

    Love this post. Great stuff. I look forward to see more of your posts! Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. Cindy says:

    Great post love all the ideas, many are so simple and sometimes we need reminders. Awesome

  4. Diana Reid says:

    Thanks Cindy, yes we do!

  5. Diana Reid says:

    Thanks Martin. I’m glad your looking forward to more :)

  6. Diana Reid says:

    Awesome Ologundudu! Keep dancing! one of my favs too :)

  7. Mario Monico says:

    Great article Diana Reed, I love what you write about re-frames.

  8. Carver says:

    Great post! Hopefully there are a lot more posts to come! Thank you for the great read! :)

  9. Fabiola says:

    Great article! thank you

  10. Andrew says:

    Nice article Diana. Its simple but we try to make it complicated because we think we need more to be happy. I think from what your saying, its not so much what we do but how we do it.

  11. Suzan Bafford says:

    Awesome article.. Love your work.

  12. P.j. Moore says:

    Great ideas! Love the article.

  13. Diana Reid says:

    Exactly Andrew we pretty much have everything we need to be happy right now!

  14. Diana Reid says:

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  15. Diana Reid says:

    Thrilled you loved it P.j.

  16. I am once again reminded of Victor Frankl’s finding: that finding the meaning of life is essential to our ability to survive even the greatest personal tragedies. Really, it goes beyond survival and into finding joy, in spite of loss and pain.

    Thank you Diane for providing simple, doable ideas on how to start finding meaning.

    I think that the most important thing is really to get started, to decide that you do want to find or create meaning in your life. As you open itself to it, life will, slowly but surely, help you in that profound process.

  17. Diana Reid says:

    Halina your absolutely right, it is all about choice and making that decision to create meaning for oneself. Thank you for your contribution.

  18. Todd says:

    Why do you not proofread your articles?? Good grief. The effectiveness of your message is conveyed by the authoritative way in which you present it. Typos, misspellings… These really diminish respect for the writer and the message, and thereby undercut the intent and its effectiveness. Perhaps it should not be that way, but it is. I was going to share this article, but after getting to “Being happy is a choice it come from the inside out, you don’t need…”, I simply had to reconsider.


  19. Onder Hassan says:

    Excellent article Diana,

    I can’t begin to express how important it is to have purpose in life because it’s something I noticed in my life recently that caused me to feel better about myself.

    I honestly think feeling good about yourself can’t be faked and can really ever be achieved by finding meaning in your life and have a reason to live.

    It’s exactly what Maslow described in his ‘hierarchy of needs’ model. If the foundations aren’t in place, the everything else above it would rapidly fall apart.

    So it’s important to have a solid foundation in place in order to live happily.

  20. Diana Reid says:

    Todd, Thanks for reading it anyway. Yeah few Typos but hey at least they were free :)

  21. Diana Reid says:

    Onder, what a great statement. I truly believe finding purpose means finding the true meaning to life. Without it as your foundation you are never truly fulfilled. Thank you for your Insight.

  22. karen Crossett says:

    It is lovely to realise all the ways life can give us meaning. In the simplest of tasks being present and being grateful to be here.

  23. Diana, while I understand Todd’s point I’d never refrain from sharing something because of typos. To me, content comes first, always. This being said, before I submit a guest post I always get someone else to proofread it, out of courtesy for the host blog.
    And: thanks again for the post! :-)

  24. Romina says:

    I´m in the middle of all those things. Sometimes, it´s so hard, i know, but every day, i try to do something of this and something of that…I don´t love the life, but, if i have to stay here, i try to do it better than…but, well, thanks to write this lines to us.

  25. Dance dance dance! Why do I forget this? : ) thanks for the reminder!

  26. Rob says:

    your such a cunt

  27. Chetan says:

    Great Article Diana ! Recently I been to Cancel Hospital to donate blood and I could feel happy that I am alive and I feel sad after seeing cancer patient including small kids there – We should be greatful even if we are alive and not having much money

  28. Things we know that wld relieve us n get rid of the muck in the head.

  29. Great article nevertheless.

  30. rob says:

    Great read and great tools to help find meaning!! :) This article was
    great and it sure makes me realize how important it is to face fears, I
    think that when we get out of our comfort level we kind of condition our
    minds for the best as we start realizing nothing is impossible and we
    feel a deeper sense of purpose. Recently read an article about
    Entrepreneur and billionaire Michael Dell ( about how he was shy and reserved but understood that overcoming fear was essential for a life of purpose!!

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