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12 Ways You Can Step It Up In Life To Rise Above Being Average

This is how I define being normal:

It is being the same as everyone else. This is a good thing as it means you’re a rational person who tries his best in being happy and also doesn’t bring harm to others.

But here’s the thing: Normal and average are two entirely different things. Yet, they constantly overlap one and another.

Average isn’t cool. It means accepting things as they should be and pretty much following the crowd, even if it’s not good for you.

I’ll let my points do the explaining. Here are 12 ways you can step it up in life to rise above being average.

1) Thank customer service staff

I personally find it disgusting that some people think they can treat customer service employees like crap just because of the dumb, and false idea, “The customer is always right.”

If you want to rise above average, respect everybody around you. Be thankful and acknowledge the service people bestow upon you regardless of how much you spend.

2) Clear your fast food garbage

I’m surprised that there are so many adults everywhere who don’t bother clearing their tray and table.

You’re not three years old. Clean up after yourself!

3) Thank people for asking

Most people think gratitude can only be shown when a favor has been done for you. This isn’t really good human behavior. It’s more like a transaction.

How about thanking people for the little, finer things in life? Try thanking others for asking the little questions. Show them you appreciate them and the conversation.

4) Read a book on the train

Read a book on the train. You’ll probably be the only one. Why? Because everyone else is busy with their phones and social media.

Reading is gaining pure knowledge. Social media, videos and whatever are mostly mindless distractions.

5) Put in the effort to look good

From my personal point of view, I think a lot of people let themselves go in their adulthood. They don’t see a point in looking good anymore.

I think looking good shows that you know how take care of yourself and that’s a piece of pride to take everywhere with you. So do what it takes. Eat right. Exercise. Put on nice clothes. Shave. Trim. Anything.

6) Guys, let your ego and anger take a backseat

It’s way too easy to indulge in the idea of justified and righteous anger and start acting like a baboon.

Real strength comes from calming yourself down, forgiving others and fighting against conflicting emotions so you don’t impulsively commit rash acts.

If you think the winner of an argument or fight is the one who punches the hardest or screams the loudest, thing again. The real winner knows how to walk away.

7) Guys, treat women with respect

Most young guys today think it’s about “scoring” and seeing who gets the hottest girl. In taking part in this shallow race, some guys would intentionally be deceitful towards girls, or each other.

Guys, if you truly want to stand out to women, treat them with respect. Be a gentleman. Be sincere. These are traits lost in today’s world.

8) Stop complaining even though you’ve the right to

Look, not everything in life goes your way. You can either deal with it and move on, or start complaining to the entire world.

Just do yourself a favor and move on. Nobody likes a whiner. If you show that you can deal with some convenience, people would respect you for that.

9) Try to solve the problem on your own first

With the advent of helplines, Google and better ways to communicate with each other, I find that hardly anybody ever tries to do something on their own first. They think that it’s okay to always get help.

While there are a lot of convenient options to make our lives better, I think if you can prove your resourcefulness by going at it your own is a great trait. That’s how you learn things faster and better too.

10) Walk

Because way too many people can’t stop relying on cabs to save their own lazy asses.

Worse, some spoiled folks have it in their self-entitled heads that they deserve to be driven around and that walking is a sin, “Why should we walk? We have cars!”

If it’s just a short distance, walk, for goodness sake. It’s good for you.

11) Do not check your phone in company

Because way too many people meet up just to check each other out checking their phones.

Leave it aside. Enjoy the company. If it’s an emergency, you’ll know about it anyway for sure.

12) If you get drunk, behave yourself

Or just go home.

Way too many people get drunk and start acting like idiots. The most annoying part is, they’d laugh it off as if nothing happened because they’d claim they can’t remember anything.

If you don’t want to be average, behave yourself when you’re drunk. You’re still conscious after all. Or better yet, just don’t get drunk. Know when is enough.

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