10 Apps to Improve Your Work Productivity

There are thousands of apps for the iPhone that can really improve your life. One of the biggest areas where an iPhone can make a big difference is in work productivity. If you use some of the recommended apps below, we think that you will find that your work productivity will soar.

  1. Instapaper: Anyone who works with technology in any capacity needs to know about new trends, technologies, products and services. However, you probably lack the time to read every interesting article every day. Instapaper lets you save Web pages that you see during the day to read later. This cool app also optimizes them so you have maximum readability on the iPhone and iPad. It also supports a variety of email platforms. Cost: $3.99
  2. Microsoft OneNote: This is part of the Office suite of products, and it is a great alternative to Evernote. It lets you gather and save all notes, URLs, ideas, photos, products, news and more. Then you are able to find them more easily later. You can create notes that are searchable and you can use text, bullets and pictures in them. Cost: Up to 500 notes – free; unlimited notes – $4.99.
  3. SmartTime: Most of our days consist of many different tasks and appointments. To make it easier to manage them, SmartTime allows you to integrate your daily schedule into your smartphone. When you create a new appointment or task, the name of the person is chosen from your contacts, which is then integrated  with their phone number and address into the app. Cost: $4.99
  4. Microsoft CloudOn: This is a mobile Office integration app that works with various cloud storage services. You can work with Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents as you go about your busy business day. You also can work on other types of files, such as PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF. Most standard features of Office can be used in this business app, such as file sharing as links or in attachments in email. You also can track changes in a Word document and insert formulas in an Excel document. Cost: Free.
  5. Box: Box is an app that is similar to Dropbox. You can sync as much as 5 GB of data, so that you can easily access and edit files, share content with your coworkers and easy stay in touch while on the move. You also can update documents and spreadsheets right away through visible content sharing. Cost: Free
  6. SpringPad: This app is similar to Evernote. It helps you to be more organized and more productive at work. People who use the app can save notes, tasks, photos, products, checklists, movies and ideas. Also, the app will give you suggestions that are related to what you are organizing. Cost: Free.
  7. OmniFocus: This great productivity app lets you keep track of your tasks with place, person or project as the criteria. You can make shopping lists, agendas for your work, home projects and just about any task that you can think of. You organize your tasks by goals using various projects, which then are accomplished with various contexts. You can synchronize your tasks through the free Sync Server or with various WebDAV servers. Cost: $19.99.
  8. Wunderlist 2: Like SpringPad and Evernote, this app is great for managing your various business and home tasks every day. You can organize your meetings, conference calls, shopping trips, vacations and more. The app makes everything easier to share, define and accomplish. Some of the newest features include recurring tasks, reminders, subtasks, and improved notes. Cost: Free.
  9. Google QuickOffice Pro HD: This handy app allows you to create, track and edit all Office documents and spreadsheets, no matter if they are stored locally or are on the cloud. You also can save documents as PDFs and print with iOS AirPrint. And, you can open, edit and save SharePoint files. Cost: $19.99.
  10. Square: This app works with a $10 credit card reader that allow you to take credit card payments on your iPhone. It is a very inexpensive way to take payments. It is also reliable, easy to use and it features very low rates. Cost: Free (card reader is $10).

Using these highly productive business apps for your iPhone will up your productivity in no time!

Melissa Steele is a staff writer for Psydprograms.org , a new social community for students researching the viability of finding a lifelong career as a Doctor of Psychology. Melissa regularly showcases creative editorial around this advanced field of psychology.


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